About us

A word from Trevor Blaney................

I run and operate The Pop Up Soup Kitchen, the initial idea was conceived in the winter of 2014, having been a volunteer at the Newport Night Shelter for many years it became apparent that not all of the Islands Homeless could attend.

Mental Illness, Alcohol or Drug Dependency , been turned out on the streets from 8am until 7pm among the reasons .

So it was decided in the autumn of 2015 that I would use my Landrover and go to the people who didn't use the shelter or were not able to abide by the rules .

Having the Advantage of knowing most of them and knowing what terrain they hide in I set out in search of them in late October.

What I found shocked me, two young lads living in the corrugated three sided shelter and made me even more determined to make a difference!
The Facebook page was started and an appeal for the things these lads needed to survive ...... What transpired from that moment never ceases to amaze me!

I am increasingly, amazed, encouraged at the respect and decency of the Isle of Wights’ People  

In the months that ensued to the time of writing the people and businesses of the Island have united in helping me provide our less fortunate Homeless Community with some of the basic human comforts we all take for granted, and as I often tell them " your camping now lads not homeless "

I intend to run The Pop Up Soup Kitchen throughout the summer months and concentrate on fundraising, so that I can continue to provide them with some essential items and comfort . If you are able to donate to help these people, please click on the paypal link, even one pound will Help